Laying the Tiles :

Apply a quality ceramic tile adhesive on to the wall using matched spreader. Place the bottom edge of first tile right into the cornet of the wall, firmly applying equal pressure on all four corners simultaneously. Leave for 12 hours. Fill the gaps measuring separately each tile to be cut, mark the cut lines and score along the line with a tile cutter.


Next day apply the grout in between the tiles using a sponge. Rub the grout firmly working diagonally. Gaps between the tiles and door frames must be sealed with flexible mastic.

Cutting Curves :

To fit up against a curved surface transfer it to the tile surface and cut along the curve.

Cutting Hole :

For a pipe to come through, measure the hole, make straight line vertically down the tile passing through the center of the hole to be cut. Score down this line and snap the tiles into two. Using a template, score a semi circle into the 2 cut edges of the tile to form a hole.

Tiling a Window Recess :

To cut an L shape, cut a line from the edge to the center and then score at right angles to this. Lay tiles on the window sill, placing the cut tiles closest to the window. Line up the tiles on the side walls with those on the main wall.

Fixing Accessory Tiles :

Spread adhesive on the back of accessory and push it firmly into the space.

Drilling through a tile

Cover the area with masking tape, mark the position of the hole on it and drill with sharp masonry-bit using lowest possible speed setting.